Success of EMYNOS final demonstration in Romania

The EMYNOS final demonstration took place on January 31st in Bucharest, Romania with the support of Romanian Special Telecommunications Service (STS). After two years of progress and promising results illustrated in the course of various demonstrations and testing activities conducted in Poland, Turkey and Austria, the EMYNOS system, embodying next-generation emergency communications services, was successfully integrated with the legacy Emergency System managed by STS.

Next generation emergency communication components such as rich media communication support for persons with disabilities and improved caller location were tested via a wide variety of uses cases and scenarios including:

  • Pure NG112 calls with caller location, audio, video, real time text, and sensor data
  • Emergency calls from assistive technologies and haptic devices
  • Emergency calls over satellite
  • NG112 calls towards emergency legacy systems

The demonstration involved more than 35 external participants from Public Authorities, actors of emergency communications services and representatives of the National Deaf Association from Romania.

The results generated as part of EMYNOS are expected to become a starting point for further activities in the context of research, development, integration and testing of Next-generation emergency services. In addition, the outcomes of the project should become an incentive to regulators and end-users to respectively enforce the necessary policies and speed up the deployment of such services.