EMYNOS at PSCE Conference in Athen

EMYNOS project partners Simon Hohberg and Berthold Heinemann (MCS Datalabs) recently participated in the PSCE Conference in Athen, held on 18th and 19th May 2016, where they introduced the EMYNOS project.

The EMYNOS project focuses on next generation emergency communication, in particular Next Generation 112. The project sees several opportunities in leveraging new types of media (video and real-time text), available data sources (location information, sensor data and images), and new communication channels (eCall, call from browser). As such, the EMYNOS project seeks to address the limitations of today's emergency systems and embrace the new technologies. EMYNOS, in particular, focuses on working on improved availability of user/device position and the needs of disabled individuals.

Under the project, a demo emergency call from a browser is foreseen, which would simulate a PSAP receiving a call and location information. The outcomes of EMYNOS, as foreseen, could extend beyond emergency call centres and be used in other call centers and organisations requiring improved positioning and location information.

PSCE is a partner in the EMYNOS project and hosts biannual Conferences, gathering crisis managers and first responders from across Europe. The next PSCE Conference will take place on 23rd and 24th November 2016 in Athen, Greece. For more information, visit the PSCE website www.psc-europe.eu.