The Technological Educational Institute of Crete (TEI of Crete) is a higher education and research organization, founded in 1983 by the Hellenic Ministry of Education. It is now comprised of 17 Departments in a variety of scientific and technological disciplines including management and economics, health and welfare services, agricultural and environmental technology, electronics, mechanical engineering, computer and informatics engineering, while many of the curricula are multidiscipline in their structure. TEI of Crete is a thriving academic community with an expert faculty of about 400 members, over 300 administrative and technical staff and approximately 12000 students. 

In EMYNOS project, TEIC participates via the PASIPHAE laboratory, of the Informatics Engineering department, in the school of Applied Technology. PASIPHAE staff possesses extensive research and development experience in information technology & telecommunications, Social Informatics, data mining and Analytics, wireless and mobile communications, as well as know-how in field-trials and experimental test-beds under real conditions (large-scale deployed platforms with actual end-users)

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