Special Telecommunication Service is the 112 operator in Romania. The STS manages, operates and develops IT&C services, cooperates and supports all institutions in order to harmonize and ensure compatibility of their communication systems.STS administrates the Single National Emergency Call System (SNECS), an operative and integrated IT&C system, designed to notify, receive, process and transfer the emergency calls to the requested services, in a centralized and unitary way through multiple integrated functions: the same 112 application and GIS system at all PSAPs, centralized database for Automatic Number Identification, centralized AVLS solution, centralized mobile location positioning system and centralized technical administration that are fully interoperable between levels (PSAP - SPSAP- substations), and unique case data format at all levels. SNECS provides semantic modeling for practical emergency scenarios which means the check list with necessary actions, using the same common operational picture (same graphical interface and functions) and predefined action plans for cooperation during interventions. 

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