VozTelecom, a young and fast growing Spanish company founded in February 2003 with currently ten employees. Since its establishment it has set up the first European interconnected SIP network, providing Hosted Internet Telephony Services to SOHO & SME, and begun their advanced Web-SIP Application Server development. The first PoP has been set-up in Madrid to provide services into the Spanish market, and during 2004 a European roll-out is planned, in order to offer services in major European markets and most developed Latin America ones. Through its self-developed service platform, VozTelecom will enable third-party providers to offer their application level services on top of VozTelecom’s SIP infrastructure. 
VozTelecom acts both as a provider of VoIP platforms which requires efficient emergency services provision. So far, VozTelecom clients configure their location in their clients’ area. That location is done per site, so, each different site of a company may have a different location. When a user dials 112 (or any of the other emergency services), VozTelecom translates that number to the corresponding PSTN number based on the client's defined location. Then the call is routed via VozTelecom normal termination providers. VozTelecom always takes into account the defined location in the clients’ area, and they cannot dynamically determine it if a user is in "roaming". 

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