EMYNOS Concepts to be tested during ETSI Plugtests

On the 14th of March, ETSI Emergency Telecommunications special committee (EMTEL) and the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) launched the first Next Generation 112 Emergency Communications Plugtests in Europe. The objective of the event has been to trial independently and jointly all components of the 112 communications chain based on Next Generation networks.

The EMYNOS consortium participated in the Plugtests with the aim to observe and also test its first implementation of the WebRTC emergency services support. During the Plugtests, several other companies worldwide were given the opportunity to connect their equipment to the test infrastructure and use the ETSI headquarters in Sophia-Antipolis, France, to test their solutions on-site.

The Plugtests addressed a range of topics, including Location Based Emergency Call Routing, Policy Based Emergency Call Routing, and Next Generation Media Types.

These were the first Next Generation 112 Plugtests to be carried out in Europe. The concept of Next Generation 112 has been identified at European level as a potential answer to the increasing requirements and demands of content-rich emergency calling.