Cooperation between EMYNOS and NEXES Project

In an attempt to create synergies between different projects, EMYNOS and NEXES have agreed on a cooperation that will last throughout the lifetime of both projects.

NEXES (NEXt generation Emergency Services) project, similarly to EMYNOS, focuses on improving emergency communications. Therefore the collaboration between both projects is natural and there is much room for synergies to develop. The coordinators of EMYNOS and NEXES have already met and identified a range of topics that both projects will work on. In particular, there is a strong willingness to collaborate in organising joint events and demonstrations in order to maximise visibility for both projects and their respective results. The first of such opportunities will be the EMYNOS workshop held on 27th July in Crete, Greece, which will see the participation of some speakers from the NEXES project.

More information about NEXES can be found on the project website .

More information about the EMYNOS workshop in Crete will be announced soon.