As a semi-public semi-private ICT company in Turkey, Turksat has well established network structures for public institutions including back-up and disaster recovery services, as well as fixed secure network services for government agencies and staff. Turksat provides the national portal and gateway ( for government-to-citizen (including disabled and other disadvantaged people) and government-to-government interoperable data exchange and service provision, some of which are associated with security issues. Turksat also has a cable TV network for households and individual end users. All these services also have all the related call center operations. 
In addition to the e-government operations in Turkey, Turksat is also responsible for related m-government operations to provide government-to-citizen services, using mobile infrastructures and devices. Furthermore, Turksat is involved in various m-governance projects that aim to enhance the participation and involvement of citizens in central and local policy-making processes and other public affairs. As the penetration rate of mobile technologies and mobile internet usage is quite high in Turkey (EU Egovernment Benchmarking report 2014), the role of Turksat in the operation of mobile services is foreseen to expand and diffuse year by year in the near future. 

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